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These anatomical designed real life sized skull candles not only look amazing but smell amazing. 

Made to order 100% Soy Wax with high quality fragrance oil. Not tested on animals and biodegradable. No paraffin or petroleum so a nice clean slow burn. height and width 9cm x 10cm 280g

The first burn is the most important! The candle needs to be flat and on a heat proof plate. Due to the shape the candle can leak. If this happens, blow the candle out gently, and fill the leak with the spilt wax once it has cooled. once harden the candle will be able to be relit. The wick can also be adjusted if the candle is becoming lopsided. I don t use synthetic hardeners or fragrance boosters so store the candle out of direct sun. From time to time you may find frosting but that is normal.

Do not burn for longer than four hours or near a open window.