TAXIDERMY - Australian butterflies

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 SPECIES  Danaus plexippus ( Monarch ), Graphium agamemnon, Graphium sarpedon

 ORIGIN  Australasia

 FRAME   15.5x28.5xD5cm. Made from recycled products. 

 DESCRIPTION   These are some of our best-known butterflies often seen soaring around our gardens. Great trio of Australian species and a wonderful gift for international tourists.

The Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is a well-known North American butterfly. It is also found in New Zealand, and in Australia where it is also known as the Wanderer Butterfly. Its wings feature an easily recognizable orange and black pattern, with a wingspan of 8.5–12.5 cm . The females have darker veins on their wings, and the males have a spot in the center of each hind wing from which pheromones are released.

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