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SPECIES  Pipistrellus imbricatus + Kerivoula picta

ORIGIN   South East Asia 

FRAME   28.5x31.5xD5cm Made from recycled products.

DESCRIPTION    Pipistrellus imbricatus AKA Brown Pipistrelle. This species is relatively widespread, not uncommon, is tolerant of a range of habitats and there are no known major threats. It inhabits wide, dry water course fringed by plantations and bamboo. It has been captured over a stream in amongst banana trees in village gardens, also over water in an irrigation canal. 

Kerivoula picta AKA Painted Woolly Bat. This orange winged bat has a wingspan of 19-20cms. Widely distributed with large populations throughout South and South East Asia from China to Thailand and Malaysia.This species can be found in found among dried leaves of banana, dry grass, flowers, weaver bird nests and in sugar cane fields. Roosts include in old dead banana leaves, roosts singly or in small groups in leaves of trees, and in bird nests . Its flight is slow and low and fluttering. 

Non threatened species.


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