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FRAME   32.5x32.5xD5cm. Made from recycled products. 

DESCRIPTION Callicore is a genus of nymphalid butterfly found in the Neotropical realm. This genus, like some related ones, was formerly lumped together as the paraphyletic Catagramma assemblage. Species in this genus are commonly called eighty-eights or numberwings like the related genera Diaethria and Perisama, in reference to the characteristic patterns on the hindwing undersides of many. In Callicore, the pattern consists of bluish dots surrounded by black and looks more like "αB" or "8°", though some members of this genus have a completely different arrangement of dots. The forewing undersides vary little between species, being black with one or two broad orange-yellow bands in the basal part and one thin and one very faint yellowish band near the apex.

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