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The practice of smudging has long been used as a ritual tool for clearing negative energy. Smoke from a burning sage stick is used to bless, heal or cleanse by 'washing' the smoke over the person, object or space you are clearing. Each aromatic herb has its own unique fragrance and effect.

White sage smudge sticks are the most commonly used tool for a cleansing ritual. Sage emits negative ions and our auro holds positive ions. Through the smudging process we can neutralize our aura or the energy of other spaces and objects to cleanse and renew.
Palo Santo wood can help brighten energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy. The scent is also shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and enhance clarity and concentration

 To Use;

  1. Ignite the tip of you smudge stick with a match or candle.
  2. Gently wave stick until it begins to smolder. Focus you energy while you wash the smoke throughout your house, or over an object or person.
  3. Hold the stick over a fireproof container at all times to prevent burning from falling embers.
  4. When you are finished, carefully extinguish your stick. Safely pack away the stick for your next smudging session.